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    Art director, creative director and graphic designer. Over the past 20 years I have been working at some of Swedens larger advertising agencies. You can find a selection of my work in the online portfolio and some of the clients I have been working with are listed here. If you are looking for more of the hard facts go to LinkedIn or download my cv as a pdf here.

    Paulin Art Direction & Design – Senior Art Director/owner
    Hallvarsson & Halvarsson – Senior Art Director
    802 Kommunikation – Art Director/Creative Director
    Ehrenstråhle BBDO – Art Director
    SandbergTrygg – Art Director
    SandbergTrygg – Assistant Art Director

    BBDO University, Spain – creative communication
    Schoola Antiqva, Hultenheim – typography
    Berghs School of C – art direction and graphic design
    Lund University – B.Sc Economics marketing

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